• John Zupancic

Giving Back This Winter

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

In my last blog, I talked a little bit about what the holiday season means to me. I talked about how fortunate I am to enjoy my holidays and share them with the people I love.

While I know my giant inflatable Santa will spread a little holiday cheer, I want to do more. I want to physically do something to help others. So, this year, my wife Alex, owner of Yoga Muttz, and I will be organizing a winter coat drive that will benefit the Nashville Rescue Mission. We will be doing this in partnership with Rachel Carr, owner of Neat Freak Nash, East Nashville Beer Works, Corsair Distillery, Hot Yoga of East Nashville, and The Farm at Grasshopper Road.

The Nashville Rescue Mission is an incredibly inspiring organization that is committed to helping the hungry, homeless, and hurting by providing programs and services that focus on a person’s entire life—physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. Their mission is to provide hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity to the hungry, homeless, and hurting. They NEVER turn anyone away and do this all using only donations provided by the community and local businesses.

Their mission and goals resonate with us because every time we drive through Nashville or walk the streets of broadway we see far too many people living without a home or enough to eat. We know that we can’t house or feed everyone, but the least we can do is make this winter a little more bearable. I know Alex and I have extra coats we aren’t using, and assume that most of you do too. Let’s put them to use and make someone else’s holiday a little warmer.

If you are thinking to yourself, hmmm I do have a few coats that aren’t getting worn, then here’s what to do next:

1: Gather them up!

2: Locate the nearest donation location.

  • East Nashville Beer Works: November 20th through December 11th.

  • Hot Yoga of East Nashville December 7th and 8th.

  • Corsair: November 20th through December 11th.

  • Indianapolis: November 28th - December 1st.

  • Chattanooga: Various dates - Message to schedule a pick-up.

3: Make your way to that location and put those coats in our donation bin!

4: If you don’t have the means to reach those locations, message myself or Alex and we will come pick up the coats from you.

While giving within our means is incredibly important, Alex and I will also be working to give with our time and we challenge you to do the same. Throughout the month of December, we will be volunteering once a week to serve meals at the Nashville Rescue Mission’s Women’s Campus.

If this sounds like an opportunity you would want to get involved with as well let us know and we can try to help you get started. If you have a different organization that calls out to you, let us know! We would love to see what the rest of our community is doing to give with their time.

Alex, Rachel, and I are all incredibly competitive, so we are presenting this as a challenge. Those who participate will receive some swag from Yoga Muttz, The Farm at Grasshopper Road, and Neat Freak Nash. Here’s how to claim your merch:

1: Snap a pic of you and your donation.

2: Post the pic to social media and follow and tag our partners below:

  • @yogamuttz

  • @zupestate

  • @neatfreaknash

  • @grasshopper_venue

  • @thenashvillerescuemission

  • @corsair

  • @eastnashvillebeerworks

  • @hotyogaofeastnashville

3: That's it!

*Bonus points if you post a pic of you volunteering with an organization.

Let the games begin!