• John Zupancic

My Top Five Podcasts: What to Listen to Between Houses

5: Crime Junkies: Hosted by two fellow Hoosiers, each episode gives the full story of a famous murder, kidnapping, or disappearance in under an hour. Chock-full of conspiracies and some resolutions, but each episode is as eery as the next.

4: Atlanta Monster- Based on the Atlanta child murders in the 1970’s, the Atlanta Monster Podcast explains in great detail the horrific events that led to catching one of the most infamous criminals in Atlanta’s history. If you are a fan of the Netflix series Mindhunter, you’ll start to pick up on a lot of similarities. Story told by Payne Lindsey, which you'll see is a common theme to some of my favorite podcasts.

3: In the Dark - Two seasons, two completely different cases. One of which is still unresolved to this day. Season 1 provides insight into the national sex offender registry and offers an unpopular opinion. Season 2 will have you baffled at the number of times someone can be tried for the same crime.

2: Up and Vanished Season 1 - Very close to being number1, Payne Lindsey takes on the 2004 disappearance of a school teacher and pageant queen Tara Grinstead. This case gets turned upside down as Payne becomes an integral part in the investigation.

1: S-Town - The most interesting story about the most interesting man in “Shittown Alabama.”

The main character, John B McLemore, has a personality that is hated, loved, misunderstood, and appreciated all at the same time. You’ll constantly be surprised at the phrases that come out of his mouth. Halfway through, the story takes a complete 180. You’ll drive the long way home just to hear a little bit more.

Honorable Mention:

Disgraceland - For the musicians here in Music City, each episode chronicles the most absurd stories that you may have never heard about your favorite bands. Multiple murders, even more drugs, and 100% immunity for criminals of a certain social status.

If you can’t tell, like everyone else, I am a huge true crime fan. Even though I am a huge Star Wars buff, my wife does not find as much joy in the Force as I do. One thing we can always agree on is a spooky true crime story. When you spend as much time in the car as I do showing houses or meeting with clients, you've got to have top-notch podcasts on the ready.

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