• John Zupancic

Thankful for Christmas decorations, why you should ring in Christmas on November 1st

There are two types of people in the world: those that observe every holiday and consider skipping Thanksgiving decorations punishable by jail time, and those who are right. I fall into the category of people who are right. We start decorating for Christmas as soon as the last trick or treater knocks on our door.

These two ways of thinking have caused a huge divide in our society for quite some time - resulting in animosity and conflict. For example, Sunday while I was inflating my 30ft Santa, and constructing a driveway arch of Christmas lights, a stranger stopped their car and rolled down their window just to say “I really can’t even with you.” I’m still not sure what she meant, but I don’t think it was good.

So why? Why skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas? I have a couple of reasons.

1. Christmas is great. End of story.

2. Christmas is my mom’s favorite holiday, and for those of you who know her, she’s a peach. She instilled in us from an early age that Christmas is a time to come together and celebrate the love we have in our family.

3. When is the last time you saw a 30ft Santa on your block and didn’t crack the tiniest smile?

While the holidays are one of my favorite times, I know that is not always the case for others. It can be a time of financial stress, pressure, or even loneliness.

My goal is to share the warmth I feel during the holidays with those who may not feel the same way. I want to decorate for my community, and keep the decorations up as long as socially acceptable - yes that means all throughout November and even into January. If I can bring at least one smile to someone’s face who is experiencing the holiday blues, then it was all worth it.

Sending love and comfort to everyone all throughout the Holiday Season.